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Deferred Sales Trust

Those of us who own businesses, corporations, and commercial or residential investment real estate assets are often reluctant to sell because of capital gains taxes associated with the sale. But what other choice do we have other than a property exchange directed by a Qualified Intermediary? Is there another way to deal with the capital gains tax deficits that so many investors experience when they sell their real estate assets? The answer may lie in the Deferred Sales Trust™.

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11 Be Attitudes of Prosperity Book CoverThe 11 Be Attitudes of Prosperity

Financial planner and investing expert David B. White has written The 11 Be Attitudes of Prosperity to demonstrate God’s way of managing and maximizing wealth as an eternal investment.

When you read The 11 Be Attitudes of Prosperity, you benefit from Biblical wisdom for wealth management, practical advice for twenty-first century investors, and the experience of a five-star wealth manager and investment advisor.

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